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Favorite US property destinations for Canadians

A large number of Canadian citizens own properties all over America. Here's a list of most popular destination for Canadian buyers.

It seems that Canadians simply can’t resist the opportunity for making a base for travel, study, and work in a thriving country. If you too are looking for US property destinations for a prime investment across the border, we have some excellent suggestions for you below:


California has seen the largest increase in its real estate pricing and sales in seventeen years. After you have completed the complex home-buying journey in California, you will discover multiple benefits. You will find that signing hundreds of forms and investing all the time and effort will pay off not just in equity but also in tax benefits.

Yes, that’s right. Homeownership in California brings various sorts of tax benefits with it, including: 

  • Deduction from your mortgage insurance premium

  • Deduction from your mortgage interest

  • Property tax deduction

  • Homeowner’s exemption

  • Deduction in mortgage points

  • If you have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), you can draw up to $10,000 individually or as a married partner without the ten percent penalty

  • Enjoy tax credit programs on your mortgage

  • You can include your home improvements in tax breaks

  • Eligibility for home energy credits

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Houston, Texas

Are you investing in USA primarily for attractive employment opportunities? Then you are sure to find plenty of those in Houston, Texas, along with incredible property options to purchase. This city is the backbone of USA’s gas and oil industry.

You can easily imagine what perennial opportunities for careers you are sure to find here. Apart from that, Houston also stands at number five on the list of the largest metro regions in Texas. This city has some other incredible macroeconomic features too that make it favorite property destination in the housing market.

You’ll find it rather please to learn that Houston currently has fifty-three Fortune 1000 corporations. One of the most assuring facts on investing in the house market here for Canadians is that Houston has a very active real estate sector. The market sells a high volume of stock and trades also remain consistently high here.

You wouldn’t have trouble exiting your investments and finding new potential buyers here at any given time.

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Arizona comes next on our list of favorite properties in the U.S. for Canadian buyers. Several metro areas and cities here are a prime location for real estate investors currently. Phoenix for example, has nearly 5 million inhabitants and a thriving economy. It has lots of career opportunities and more benefits.

From rental properties to owning a vacation getaway, there are several attractions that Phoenix has to offer. The real estate market of Scottsdale has also progressed consistently. The market here promises several gains for Canadian investors, what with its successful tourism industry, high rates of employment and other positives.

All in all, Arizona has several prime cities and areas, including Prescott, Tempe and Tucson that have a solid real estate market.‍

Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re planning to invest from Canada in your neighboring country, you’re surely looking for a savvy real estate destination. To fit this description, the U.S state that instantly comes to mind is Atlanta, GA. It is one of the prime investment destinations, even though its population has grown by nearly fourteen percent in the last decade.

The state of Georgia fits the definition of savvy and Atlanta is one of its leading hotspots. From employment opportunities to a thriving real estate market, there’s sure to be plenty of advantage for you.

This economic and capital center of Georgia yields enough production to contribute significantly to USA’s annual GDP. The real estate prices here promise to increase steadily in the coming years too, all thanks to the economic boom in this state.

If you’re looking for a career opportunity all the way from Canada here or for your children, you’ll have to act fast to secure a property here.

Orlando, Florida

Canadian buyers commonly purchase properties in USA destinations that are popular for entertainment and tourism. It makes a nice getaway option for them whenever time allows. This is why Orlando, FL is also a prime real estate destination for Canadians.

As an investor in one of the properties here, you’ll have the advantage of approaching holiday markets and long-term residential markets with your properties. Orlando has a stable and strong economy too, which is another bonus for investors.

It assures them of strong returns from their property investment in the long run. Another important benefit for Canadian buyers is that the thriving tourism sector and real estate market here provides further economic success.

Due to this, there is always a range of employment opportunities for everyone here among other things. If you’re interested in investing in a successful metropolitan area in FL, you shouldn’t look beyond Orlando.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Surely this one should be the most obvious property destination for Canadian buyers. After all, how can anybody not know about Las Vegas as the most thriving and successful property destinations in all of U.S.?

Owing to its lengthy history of booms and recovery, there is no doubt that Las Vegas can always manage to get back on its feet no matter what. Savvy investors should not hesitate in placing Las Vegas at the top of their list of potential property destinations for real estate investment.

You can take 2019 as primary encouragement for investing here. This place had its real estate market overflowing with business. No matter what, there is always a bustling environment of opportunities and economic gains for businesses.

In the coming years, home values will see an even greater increase according to forecasts. You must also note Las Vegas is the hub of Nevada, in terms of culture commerce and finance.

It offers endless commercial interests, in addition to high-tech and health-focused sectors as well. From conventions, gaming, restaurant to tourist industries, everything seems to be soaring with success here.

Final thoughts

Canadian buyers have always maintained a keen interest in the US real estate industry. It just makes investing across the borders for career opportunities, business projects, and a retreat or retirement investment so easy.

There is also the appealing fact that USA has a range of property destinations that are ideal for vacation, recreation and business concerns. With an endless variety of properties, you are sure to find something in USA that will just tick all the boxes on your real estate investment list. Check out some of the latest real estate projects in California, Texas, and Florida today!

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