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Top 5 challenges for expats buying properties in the US

Complex mortgage process

Limited mortgage options

Time-consuming market navigation

Poor professional assistance

Overwhelming documentation requirements

How Kredium helps you

Tailored bank offers

We find you the best personalized loan offers for your chosen property

Start-to-finish guidance

We guide you through the entire process from application to mortgage payment

Completely online

We help you take out a loan all from the comfort of your home

Time-saving service

We offer free quotes, save you time and arrange everything for you

Conditions for mortgage approval


Mortgage offers differ based on the status of your residency (permanent or temporary)


Type of employment contract significantly affects mortgage options

Credit history

Clean credit history in the US or another country

Down payment

That you have available finances for a property down- payment


Up to 30-50% of income reserved for monthly loan instalments

Property value

The value of the underlying property should cover 20-50% of the mortgage

Property marketability

How quickly can the lender sell the property in case you default on your mortgage

Documentation* you might need for

Permanent and Temporary Residents WITH a Social Security Number


  • ID, Passport
  • Green Card or Proof of Residency
  • Work Visa


Employed under contract and self-employed:

  • Social Security Number

Credit History**

  • Credit score reference with tax returns and income statements

Down Payment

  • Proof of available finances for a property down payment

Temporary Residents and Visiting Foreign Nationals without a Social Security Number


  • ID, Passport
  • Proof of Residency (if available)
  • 10-year history CV
  • Proof of primary address



  • 2 years of personal and business tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Letter form a CPA**

Employed under contract:

  • 2 years of personal tax returns
  • Income statements
  • Employer contact

Credit History***

  • 2 credit reference letters or 3 recent credit card statements
  • 2 banking reference letters

Down Payment

  • Proof of available finances for a property down payment


* All documents must be translated into English by a Certified Court Interpreter before they are sent to a US bank

** Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

*** If possible use a bank that also has branches in the US (reduces approval time and simplifies the process)

Documentation required for FINAL approval

A copy of the sales contract or property purchase agreement

Copies of checks or bank transfers as proof of down payment

Setting up an auto payment or a checking account for mortgage monthly instalments (optional, however some banks may require it from visiting foreign nationals)

Available services on our platform

Pre-approval process

Get professional advice from our mortgage experts to help you apply quickly and easily

Personalized offers

Get personalized home loan offers within 24 hours without ever leaving your house


If you already have a mortgage that you are looking to refinance, we can help you refinance it with better loan terms.

Kredium process

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Representative loans

Maximum monthly instalment based on repayment period and loan amount
at 4.5%
interest rate
Repayment period (in years)
Loan Amount
(in USD)
10 15 20 25 30
200,000 $2,614.43 $2,071.65 $1,806.97 $1,653.33 $1,555.04
300,000 $3,921.65 $3,107.48 $2,710.45 $2,480.00 $2,332.56
400,000 $5,228.87 $4,143.31 $3,613.93 $3,306.66 $3,110.07
500,000 $6,536.09 $5,179.13 $4,517.41 $4,133.33 $3,887.59
600,000 $7,843.30 $6,214.96 $5,420.90 $4,959.99 $4,665.11
700,000 $9,150.52 $7,250.79 $6,324.38 $5,786.66 $5,422.63
800,000 $10,457.74 $8,286.61 $7,227.86 $6,613.33 $6,220.15
900,000 $11,764.96 $9,322.44 $8,131.34 $7,439.99 $6,997.67
1,000,000 $13,072.17 $10,358.27 $9,034.83 $8,266.66 $7,775.19

Instalments include property taxes (1.2% of property value), home insurance (0.4% of property value) and maintenance fees (1% of property value)

Mortgage Amount 200k-1000000
Estimated monthly payment interest rate 3.14

What people think of us

When I decided to take out a mortgage, the kind and professional advisers at Kredium were there to help me choose the best offer for myself, as well as to understand the whole process of taking out a mortgage loan. I am very pleased with the cooperation with the bank I chose and how easy it was to get the loan. I would always choose the efficient and professional Kredium team

Nikola Bojanić

Production Director

Adviser Jelena helped me understand what it takes to go through the process of obtaining a loan, which documentation to collect, etc., and to choose the best offer for myself. I'm delighted with the service Kredium offers. Thank you for existing!

Nikolina Zorić

Excellent communication, work and cooperation. All praise for the idea, execution and adviser Marko Matić.

Tanja Milojević

Account Manager

With professional and quick engagement, the advisers were able not only to find the best loan offer for me, but also to give me precise instructions for which there was no need to visit the bank before applying for and signing the contract. Thank you!

Milica Jeremić

Project Manager

I found out about Kredium through an Internet search engine when I was looking for the best cash loan offer a few months ago. At the time I didn't have enough work days accumulated with my current employer but the counselor promised to call me when the conditions were met, and that's waht happened. I want to commend their professionalism, kindness and punctuality. Thanks to them, I was able to take out the best loan for myself in which they selflessly helped me and followed the entire process from start to finish.

Aleksandar Radić

IT Specialist

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Camille Leachman

Mortgage Adviser

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Our international mortgage expert will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your application process as well as any questions you may have.

David Del Castillo

Mortgage Adviser

+1 (864) 734-7552

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Camille Leachman

Mortgage Adviser

+1 (407) 230-4451

Broj telefonaWhatsappEmail