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Residency by investment – Global country list

If you're considering moving or investing abroad, there’s no need to think small. In an age when the entire world is at your fingertips, you can easily select any country in the world to live or invest in. The good news is that not all countries have strict immigration policies, and many of them incentivize you to become a resident through special programs. 

Keep reading and discover some of the most popular countries and their residency by investment programs.

“Residency by investment” – what is it, how does it work?

Through investment in the local economy, most often in either business or property, or both, individuals can obtain a residence permit or even citizenship in many countries around the world. Countries offer “residency by investment” programs to encourage foreign investment and boost their economies. As far as benefits and requirements go, these programs vary greatly.

In order to qualify, you typically need to invest in businesses (existing or new), real estate, bonds, etc., you must have a clean criminal record and sufficient financial resources (acquired legally). In some cases, you are required to keep the investment for a set period of time or meet the rules on minimum stay. 

In what ways can a residency by investment benefit you?

By obtaining residency through a country's residency by investment program, you are entitled to many benefits and privileges, including:

  • a temporary or permanent residency permit (renewable), for you and your family, usually leading to citizenship

  • possibility to explore new business opportunities, take advantage of favorable business conditions, tax-free policies and benefits 

  • freedom to travel without visa restrictions, unrestricted access to a number of countries

  • having the option to work and live in a country with a stable economy, social environment and politics (extremely important, especially in the midst of the current world turmoil)

  • a higher standard of living and access to better or free education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.

When applying for the program, what do you need?

For most "residency by investment" programs, you need the following documentation:

  • application form

  • photograph

  • valid passport

  • document accrediting legal entry and stay in the country

  • documents accrediting the investment and financial means

  • clean criminal record certificate

  • health insurance 

  • proof of payment of the visa fee

Comparative tables

With so many countries to choose from, we prepared a table you can use to compare countries and their residency by investment programs. Here are the minimum investment amount, types of investments, and validity of visas in order to help you make an informed decision.

Table 1/2



Minimum Investment (USD)

Minimum Investment (local currency)

Type of Investment



Business Innovation and Investment visas


AUD 1,250,000


5 years (renewable)


Investor Residency Program




2 years (renewable)


Bahamas Residency By Investment (aka Bahamas Golden Visa)


BSD $750,000

Real Estate, Business

Valid for life


Permanent Residency Investor Visa VIPER (aka Golden Visa)


BRL 150,000

Business, Real Estate

Permanent as long as the investment is maintained


Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program


€125,000 BGN 245,000

Real Estate, Business, Government bonds

5 years (eligible for citizenship)


Startup Visa Program


CAD 75,000


Permanent as long as the investment is maintained

Cayman Islands

Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means


KYD 1,000,000

Business, Real Estate

25 years (renewable)


Resident Investor’s Visa


COP 769,439,125

Real Estate, Stock

Permanent (renewed every 5 years)

Costa Rica

Investor Visa (Inversionista)


CRC 122,067,860

Real Estate, Business, Stocks, Securities

2 years (renewable)


Golden Visa / Permanent Residence Scheme



Real Estate, Share Capital

5 years (renewable)


Talent Passport Scheme




4 years (renewable)


Entrepreneurial Visa, or Self-Employment Visa




3 years (renewable)


Golden Visa Program



Real Estate, Government bonds, Capital

5 years (renewable)


Immigrant Investor Programme



Philanthropic donation, Business, Real Estate

5 years (renewable)


Investor Visa Program




2 years (renewable)

Table 2/2



Minimum Investment (USD)

Minimum Investment (local currency)

Type of Investment



Japanese Investor/Business Manager Visa


JPY 2,500,000


5 years (renewable)


Investor Program




3 years (renewable)


Permanent Residence Programme



Real Estate

5 years (investment needs to be maintained)


Golden Visa Investor Program


MXN 1,996,655

Capital investment, Real Estate

1 year (renewable)


Investor Residency Program / Golden Investor Visa



Real Estate, Business

1 – 10 years (renewable in stages)


Foreign Investor Scheme




3 years (renewable)


Residence Permit for Investment (ARI/Golden Visa)



Real Estate, Capital transfer

1 year (renewable)


Permanent Residency by Investment



Real Estate, Business

1 year (temporary, renewable); eligible for permanent after a 5-year interrupted stay


Investor Visa



Real Estate, Stock, Shares, Securities

1 year (if requested from abroad); 2 years (in Spain)


Self-employed Residence Permit


SEK 200,000


2 years (renewable)


Swiss Residence Program


CHF 200,000

Lump-Sum Tax, Business

1 year (renewable)


UK Tier 1 Visa




5 years (renewable)

United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

UAE Golden Visa


AED 2,000,000

Real Estate, Business

10 years (renewable)


EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program



Capital investment

Conditional green card valid for 2 years then renewed

Disclaimer. The amount above represent illustrative and approximate values based on the exchange rate at the time of writing (18 October, 2022).

The above table outlines the minimum investment you need to make in order to qualify for a visa. There are additional options, requirements, rules or restrictions for each country listed in the table, so please refer to the information below. Also, we recommend visiting government websites or contacting immigration/visa grant officials before applying or investing.

More on each country

1. Australia
Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Visa program has several sub-categories based on the amount of investment:

  • Business Innovation Stream – $788,875 (AUD 1,250,000) net assets

  • Investor Stream – $946,650 (AUD 1,500,000)

  • Significant Investor Stream – at least $3,155,500 (AUD 5,000,000)

  • Premium Investor Stream – $9,466,500 (AUD 15,000,000) in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions 

  • Entrepreneur Stream – no minimum amount with a third-party funding agreement

2. Austria
To obtain a visa through investment in Austria,  you need to:

  • invest in your own business or a majority-owned business in Austria and create new jobs

  • establish a start-up to launch innovative products or services (with proof that capital amounts to €30,000 (€30,000) minimum and an equity share is at least 50%)

3. Bahamas
If you invest in real estate or business in the Bahamas, you can obtain a permanent residence permit that is valid for life. The minimum investment amount is $500,000, however, buying a property for at least $750,000.00 means you will be considered more quickly. In most cases, the investment is in the range of $1,500,000. 

4. Brazil
Investing $29,000 (BRL 150,000) in business to boost the local economy and creating 10 local jobs or buying $132,543 (BRL 700,000) worth of real estate in the north and northeastern regions of Brazil (or $189,347/BRL 1,000,000 in other regions) will get you a permanent visa in Brazil as long as the investment is maintained. 

5. Bulgaria
If you want to invest in government bonds, then you need at least $511,292 (€511,292). Other options include: 

  • investing $125,000 (€125,000) or acquiring at least 50% of the capital in a Bulgarian company that operates in an underdeveloped region

  • opening a new company and investing $250,000 (€250,000) or acquiring at least 50% of an existing company (+10 new jobs)

  • investing at least $3,000,000 (€3,000,000) in the share capital of a private Bulgarian company 

  • investing in real estate or buying a property worth at least $300,000 (€300,000).

6. Canada
A minimum investment of $55,000 (CAD 75,000) is required if the investment is from a designated Canadian angel investor group. If that’s not the case and it comes from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, then you need at least $145,843 (CAD 200,000).

7. Cayman Islands

A sandy beach in the Cayman Islands featuring palm trees, blue skies and crystal clear waters.

To become a resident of the Cayman Islands, you need to invest in real estate and demonstrate a continuous source of annual income. Another way is to make a minimum deposit of $480,000 in a Cayman Islands Monetary Authority-regulated and locally licensed bank account. 

The Grand Cayman: 

  • Annual income $145,439 (KYD 120,000)

  • Account at least $484,798 (KYD 400,000) in assets

  • Investment of $1,211,997 (KYD 1,000,000), of which at least $605,998 (KYD 500,000) must be in developed real estate in Grand Cayman. 

Cayman Brac or Little Cayman

  • Annual income $90,899 (KYD 75,000)

  • Account at least $484,798 (KYD 400,000)

  • Investment of $605,998 (KYD 500,000) of which at least $302,999 (KYD 250,000) must be in developed real estate in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman.

8. Colombia
Resident Investor’s Visa
will be yours if you make a direct foreign investment in the form of property purchase or acquisition of stocks in a corporation of the value of 650 minimum Colombian Salaries with foreign money converted to pesos in your name.

9. Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers Investor Visa (Inversionista) to all individuals who invest at least $200,000 in active business, real estate, stocks or securities or $100,000 in forest plantations.  

10. Cyprus
The amount of at least $300,000 (€300,000) will be more than enough for you to obtain the Cyprus Golden Visa if you use it to: 

  • buy a brand new residential (or commercial) property

  • invest in a Cyprus-based company’s share capital or 

  • invest in Units of the Cyprus Investment Organization of Collective Investments. 

11. France
You can’t obtain a residence permit by investing in securities, bonds or real estate but you can invest in a business and take advantage of the Talent Passport Scheme. This scheme requires you to invest: 

  • at least $300,000 (€300,000) in a new or operating company

  • at least $30,000 (€30,000) for starting a new business, or

  • at least $20,000 (€20,000) for establishing an innovative start-up.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France next to the River Seine.

12. Germany
Germany’s investor visa scheme is meant for foreign entrepreneurs or self-employed business people who invest at least $360,000 (€360,000) in opening a business or a company in Germany. 

13. Greece
The Golden Visa Program in Greece
offers quite a few options if you’re interested in living or investing in the country. When it comes to real estate, you can:

  • invest at least $250,000 (€250,000) in real estate property or 

  • conclude an agreement for at least a 10-year lease of hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences in tourist accommodation complexes. 

On the business investment side, you can obtain a golden visa if you:

  • make a capital contribution of at least $400,000 (€400,000) in securities or a bank deposit in Greece

  • make a capital contribution of at least $400,000 (€400,000) in bonds or shares of a venture capital fund, private equity fund, or a mutual fund based in Greece, or

  • invest $800,000 (€800,000) in shares, corporate bonds, or Greek Treasury bonds listed in trading facilities operating in Greece. 

14. Ireland
Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme offers 4 possibilities: 

  • investing $1,000,000 (€1,000,000) in an Irish business

  • investing $1,000,000 (€1,000,000) in an approved investment fund

  • investing $2,000,000 (€2,000,000) in any Irish Residential Properties (listed on the Irish Stock Exchange), all for a period not less than 3 years

  • making a philanthropic donation to a project that is of public benefit in the fields of arts, sports, health, culture or education in the country.

15. Italy
Under the Investor Visa Program in Italy, you can secure residency if you:

  • invest at least $2,000,000 (€2,000,000) in Italian government bonds

  • invest at least $500,000 (€500,000) in Italian shares

  • invest at least $250,000 (€250,000) if investing in innovative startups or

  • donate at least $1,000,000 (€1,000,000) to projects of public interest in Italy, such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management, research and development, arts, and heritage.

16. Japan
Japanese Investor/Business Manager Visa is for individuals who wish to invest in (at least US$ 46,800/JPY 5,000,000) or manage a business in the country/occupy a senior management role in Japan (reduced US$ 23,400/JPY 2,500,000). 

A Japanese temple in front of Mount Fuji's snowy peak in the background.

17. Luxembourg
Under its Investor Program, Luxembourg grants you a residence permit as long as you: 

  • invest at least $500,000 (€500,000) in an existing business

  • invest at least $500,000 (€500,000) in a new business 

  • invest at least €3,000,000 (€3,000,000) in a management and investment structure (new or existing), or 

  • deposit at least $20,000,000 (€20,000,000) in a financial institution. 

18. Malta
Permanent Residence Programme in Malta
is characterized by several steps. If you’re into real estate, then you should:

  • buy a property worth at least $300,000 (€300,000) in the South of Malta/Gozo ($350,000/€350,000 in the rest of Malta), or 

  • rent a property with the minimum amount of rent of $10,000 (€10,000) in the South of Malta/ Gozo ($12,000/€12,000 in the rest of Malta) annually.

19. Mexico
For those interested in investing and living in Mexico, the Golden Visa Investor Program specifies eligibility criteria as an investment of at least $188,674 in real estate or capital investment in a Mexican company of at least $100,000. 

20. Monaco
Investor Residency Program/Golden Investor Visa in Monaco
enables you to either rent or buy real estate or invest in business to obtain residency. Specifically, the investment should be at least $1,000,000, (€1,000,000), $500,000 (€500,000) of which is reserved for a bank deposit and the other $500,000 (€500,000) to purchase a property. When it comes to business, you can establish a new company and create at least 10 jobs. 

21. Netherlands
If you invest at least $1,250,000 (€1,250,000) in a Dutch company (start-up, venture capital, etc.) and create at least 10 jobs within 5 years, then you’re eligible to become a resident in the Netherlands in accordance with the Foreign Investor Scheme

22. Portugal
Residence Permit for Investment (ARI/Golden Visa)
for non-Portuguese, EU and EEA nationals (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), gives the right to live, work and study in Portugal if you:

  • transfer capital at least $1,500,000 (€1,500,000)

  • create at least 10 job positions

  • buy real estate property worth at least $500,000 (€500,000)

  • buy 30-year-old real estate property or older, located in urban regeneration areas, that needs refurbishing, for a total value of at least $350,000 (€350,000)

  • transfer capital with a value of at least:  

  • $500,000 (€500,000) for investing in research activities

  • $250,000 (€250,000) for supporting the arts

  • $500,000 (€500,000), or higher, for acquiring units of investment funds or venture capital funds of funds dedicated to the capitalization of companies

  • $500,000 (€500,000), or higher, for constituting a commercial society with a head office in Portugal. 

23. Serbia
With no minimum investment requirement, Serbia grants temporary and permanent residency to investors. Either as a natural or legal person, by purchasing real estate, investing or establishing a company in Serbia you not only acquire residence (a higher level of investment can even lead to citizenship) but also enjoy a wide range of tax (and other) benefits. 

Nightscape of Belgrade, Serbia featuring a lighted bridge, riverfront and high buildings.

24. Spain
Investor Visa in Spain
is given to foreigners who:

  • purchase unmortgaged real estate for a minimum of $500,000 (€500,000)

  • invest at least €2,000,000 (€2,000,000) in Spanish public debt securities

  • invest $1,000,000 (€1,000,000) in stocks or shares in Spanish companies, investment or venture capital funds incorporated in Spain, or 

  • make bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.

25. Sweden
Sweden doesn’t have a specific program through which it attracts foreign investment or gives temporary and/or permanent visas. However, there’s an investor visa for non-EU nationals who are self-employed and wish to open a business (50% owners, investing at least $18,000/SEK 200,000) in Sweden (only if it’s beneficial to the economy).

26. Switzerland
The quickest method to acquire a Swiss residence permit is to pay $200,000 (CHF 200,000) as a lump sum tax to the Swiss canton where you live (the amount can vary from canton to canton). The Swiss Residence Program also has an option for company formation where you invest at least CHF 1 million in a pre-approved business or establish a new Swiss company or invest in an existing Swiss company, with a turnover of no less than $1,000,000 (CHF 1,000,000).

27. UK
UK Tier 1 Visa has two sub-categories: 

  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), initially requiring a $226,245 (£200,000) investment in business has been substituted by Innovator Visa which requires an investment of only $57,000 (£50,000) in innovative business. 

  • Tier 1 (Investor) is more suitable for people who want to make a more significant investment in the UK (not less than $2,262,018/£2,000,000). 

28. United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
UAE Golden Visa
has seven sub-classes (real estate investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, scientists and professionals, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes). 

You obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE as a real estate investor if you: 

  • buy a property worth at least $544,500 (AED 2,000,000) in any of the freehold zones

  • buy a property with a loan (from specific local banks only)

  • buy one or more off-plan properties worth at least $544,500 (AED 2,000,000) (from approved local real estate companies only).

You obtain a Golden Visa in the UAE as a real estate investor if you: 

  • become the owner or the partner in a start-up company, registered in the UAE as an SME (small and medium enterprise), that generates at least $272,250 (AED 1,000,000) revenue annually

  • obtain approval for a start-up idea from an official business incubator, the Ministry of Economy or other competent local authorities

  • have sold your own entrepreneurial project for the total amount of at least $1,900,000 (AED 7,000,000)

Dubai skyline at night dominated by a number of high-rise buildings.

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29. USA
The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
is aimed at reducing high unemployment rates which is why you’d only need to invest $900,000 and create jobs in an enterprise that is located in Targeted Employment Area (‘TEA’, rural or high unemployment). If the company is not within the TEA, then the capital investment should be $1.8 million or more.

Disclaimer. The amounts above represent illustrative and approximate values based on the exchange rate at the time of writing (18 October, 2022).

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