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Top property valuation companies in the US

When it comes to real estate transactions, property valuation plays an essential role in determining the value of a property. Property valuation companies in the US offer services that bridge the gap between buyers, sellers, and lenders, providing accurate assessments and ensuring that fair market values are established for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You can read all about property appraisals in the US to familiarize yourself with the process, appraisal requirements and documentation, the different types of appraised values, the evaluation process and influencing factors, and the appraisal report. 

It’s important to note that property appraisal and property valuation are often used interchangeably, as is the case in this blog. Both will be used to refer to the official assessment process and formal report that determines a property’s market value.

Continue reading to delve into the world of US property appraisal companies and learn about some of the top companies that perform appraisals on residential and commercial properties.

Appraisal management companies (AMCs)

Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) have emerged as an intermediary in the property appraisal process within the US. They specialize in the appraisal process, have multiple appraisers on their team, and may focus on specific property types such as residential or commercial real estate. AMCs are independent entities that act as liaisons between lenders, appraisers, and other stakeholders involved in real estate transactions.

The main role of AMCs is to manage and oversee a group of state-qualified or state-licensed appraisers that perform appraisals for lenders in compliance with industry standards and regulations. A lender reaches out to the AMC, which then assigns an appraiser to the specific project. Using an AMC is a way to ensure neutrality during the property appraisal process, since the appraiser isn’t chosen by nor in direct communication with the lender. These companies also help streamline the appraisal process by managing orders, tracking timelines, and ensuring timely completion. In the US’s fast-paced real estate market, efficiency and accuracy across the home buying process are even more important. 

Visit AMCDIR, the largest online directory of AMCs in the US, to search for a company by state location. Some states also have government directories where you can discover AMCs working within the state, for example the CA Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers

Residential property valuation services 

Residential property valuations influence decisions related to home buying, mortgage lending, selling, refinancing, and insurance. Companies that specialize in residential real estate valuation may assess everything from single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, multi-family dwellings, and more. Factors such as a property's location, size, condition, comparable sales in the area, and recent market trends can all influence the determined market value. Residential appraisal companies aim to employ appraisers that are familiar with local real estate landscapes in order to provide the most accurate valuations across their areas of coverage.

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Top residential property valuation companies in the US

Below are some of the top residential property valuation companies with wide coverage across the US. Some companies also offer commercial real estate valuation services, but tend to have a greater focus on residential properties. 

AmeriMac Appraisal Management

AmeriMac Appraisal Management was founded in 2014 and has hand-selected appraisers that are focused on specific geographic areas. While they often market services to bankers, mortgage brokers, and lenders, they also make it possible for anyone to easily order a one-time single appraisal. AmeriMac follows a 63-point checklist to ensure the compliance and completeness of their appraisal reports 

They provide both residential and commercial services for a variety of property types. They provide commercial valuations on all property types, including complexes, industrial, land, offices, retail & sub-properties. 

AmeriMac’s residential services:

Litigation support services

Real estate owned appraisals (REO) - for 1 unit, 2-4 units, manufactured homes, cooperative projects, condo units, and PUDs

Reverse mortgage appraisals

Relocation appraisals

FHA single-family interior/exterior appraisal report

Valuation services for lenders

Conventional single-family interior/exterior appraisal report

Condo/PUD interior/exterior appraisal report

Jumbo loan appraisal report (for property values over $500,000

Multi-family report

Land/lot report

Operating income statement

Exterior only report

Appraisal update and/or completion report

Standard field review

Standard desk review

Alternative valuation products that AmerMac provides: 

  • Automated collateral evaluation (ACE)

  • Property data report (PDR)

  • Automated valuation model (AVM)

  • Executive value report (EVR)

  • Property condition report (PCR)

  • Desktop appraisal

  • Streamline appraisal

  • Streamline evaluation

  • Broker price opinion (BPO)

  • Interactive valuation models (IVMs)

  • Hybrid valuations

  • Tie-outs (review reconciliations)

  • Customized alternatives

Here’s a look at AmerMac Appraisal Management: 

  • Headquarters: New Albany, Ohio

  • Number of employees: 5,000 appraisers

  • Coverage: US nationwide

  • 7.5 day average turn time 

  • LinkedIn

  • 4.9 Google review

Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN)

Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) was established in 2008 and works with some of the top wholesale lenders in the US. They are an AMC for both residential and commercial properties. 

Types of properties: 

  • Residential

    • Single-family

    • Manufactured homes 

    • Multi-family

    • Condominium 

  • Commercial

    • Office buildings

    • Multi-family buildings

    • Retail buildings

Nationwide Appraisal Network’s services: 



Alternative products

Appraisal modernization

Speciality loan appraisals

Completion report

Commercial appraisal 

Value and inspection report (HELOCs)

Desktop appraisals 

New construction

Desktop appraisals

Commercial BPO (CBPO)

Property condition report (PCR)

Value acceptance + property data

Private money

Multiple loan types

Commercial sales comparison evaluation

Broker price opinion (BPO)

Freddie Mac ACE + PDR

Real estate owned (REO)

Commercial sales comparison evaluation (CSCE)

Fannie/Freddie Hybrid 1004/70H

Renovation appraisal

Automated valuation models (AVM)

Retrospective appraisal

Review appraisal

Reverse mortgage appraisal

Here’s a look at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN): 

  • Headquarters: Oldsmar, Florida

  • Coverage: US nationwide

  • Designated Spanish-speaking division  

  • LinkedIn

  • 4.3 Google rating

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services (NPAS)

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services (NPAS) was formed in 2008 and is the first AMC to be licensed across the entire nation. They provide services to retail, wholesale, and commercial lenders, offering residential, commercial, jumbo, and alternative appraisal services. 

NPAS offers the following alternative valuations: 

  • Foundation Property Data Report (PDR) - options include exterior only, exterior/interior, floorplan only, data collections

  • Merge AVM Reconciliation - an automated valuation model

  • Pinnacle Desktop Appraisals - data is collected and an appraiser completes a desktop report, USPAP compliant

Here’s a look at Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services: 

  • Headquarters: Gibbsboro, New Jersey  

  • Number of employees: 16,000+ 

  • Coverage: US nationwide

  • 20,000+ appraisals completed each month

  • LinkedIn

  • 3.6 Google rating

Appraisal Nation

Appraisal Nation was formed in 2007 and is a leading AMC. They provide clear separation between loan production and appraisal ordering. 

Appraisal Nation performs appraisals on single-family, condominium, co-op, manufactured, multi-family, and commercial properties. They offer full appraisal services (interior/exterior) and drive-by services (exterior only), completing traditional appraisals, hybrids, single or two-value appraisals, and bulk orders. When it comes to commercial properties, they offer the option between a long-form and short-form appraisal. All of their appraisals undergo automated review that evaluates up to 1,400 points of compliance, after which it is reviewed by an in-house appraiser. 

Here’s a look at Appraisal Nation:  

  • Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina

  • Number of offices: 1 

  • Number of employees: 10,000+ 

  • Coverage: US nationwide coverage in all 3,143 counties 

  • 120,000+ appraisals completed each year

  • 5 day average turn-time

  • LinkedIn

  • 2.3 Google rating

First Look Appraisals

First Look Appraisals is an AMC that was established in 2013. They are focused on delivering underwriter-ready appraisal reports efficiently, boasting quick response times, fast scheduling, and quick order processing. They perform residential real estate appraisals across the US. 

Here’s a look at First Look Appraisals: 

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

  • Number of employees: ~50 

  • LinkedIn 

Commercial property valuation services

Commercial property valuation is often more complicated due to the complexity of commercial real estate. Commercial property valuation companies evaluate property types such as office buildings, retail centers, industrial facilities, hotels, land, and more. Commercial appraisals consider various factors in addition to the location, physical condition, and market demand, such as the property's income-generating potential. Some common methods for commercial real estate valuations include the cost approach, sales comparison/market approach, and income capitalization approach. 

Commercial property appraisal companies work closely with property owners, investors, developers, and lenders. Commercial valuations are important for making informed investment decisions, negotiating leases, securing financing, and conducting feasibility studies. They are also essential when property and/or land is being developed, sold, or insured. 
The beautiful architecture of the modern building

Top commercial property valuation companies in the US

The companies below specialize in providing commercial real estate valuation services.


CBRE has roots tracing back to 1906 and was established as CB Commercial in 1989. They offer comprehensive services for commercial real estate. Their Valuation and Advisory team takes on projects such as multi-market portfolios, special-use cases, urgent deadlines, and annual engagements. 

CBRE is equipped to handle a large range of property types, including: 

  • Offices

  • Retail

  • Industrial and logistics

  • Multi-family

  • Parking

  • Hotels

  • Data centers

  • Student housing

  • Senior housing

  • Healthcare

  • Gaming

  • Land agribusiness and natural resources,

  • Golf & resorts

  • Self storage

  • Manufactured housing 

  • RVs 

Their Valuation and Advisory team provides full-spectrum due diligence services and comprehensive commercial valuation services. Their appraisal services include property and portfolio appraisals, market and feasibility studies, evaluations (alternative valuations), financial and tax reporting, litigation support and testimony, right-of-way and eminent domain, and fund valuations. 

Here’s a look at CBRE’s Valuation and Advisory team: 

  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

  • Number of US offices: 90+ valuation and advisory offices 

  • Number of employees: 750+ 

  • Coverage: 

    • US nationwide 

    • 56 countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 

  • 80,000+ appraisal assignments per year

  • LinkedIn

  • 4.2 Google rating

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield was founded in 1917 and offers a large variety of commercial real estate services to guide intelligent debt and equity decisions. Their Valuation & Advisory team conducts single-asset appraisals, as well as complex real estate advisory and business valuations. 

Types of properties: 

  • Energy

  • Agriculture & natural resources

  • Healthcare & senior housing

  • Hospitality & gaming

  • Infrastructure

  • Living sectors (multi-family)

  • Logistics & industrial

  • Office & life sciences

  • Retail

Regarding their advisory services, Cushman & Wakefield provides appraisal management, business valuation, diligence advisory, dispute analysis & litigation support, machinery & equipment, property tax services, right-of-way & eminent domain, trusts & estates, and valuation for financial reporting. 

Here’s a look at Cushman & Wakefield’s Valuation and Advisory team: 

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

  • Number of offices: 400+ locations worldwide

  • Number of employees: 500+

  • Coverage: 

    • US nationwide 

    • Presence in ~60 countries (not necessarily offering valuation services in all countries)

  • $10.1 billion - 2022 revenue across all core services 

  • LinkedIn

  • 3.4 Google rating

JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle)

JLL was founded in 1783 in London, UK and underwent a significant merger in 1999. They provide US property valuation and tax consulting services through their subsidiary, JLL Valuation & Advisory Services, LLC. Their services include property appraisals, compliance, secured lending, insurance, financial reporting, transaction support, and risk advisory. 

Property types: 

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Living - multi-housing, senior housing, housing communities, affordable housing

  • Hotels & hospitality, infrastructure,

  • Alternative properties - healthcare & life sciences, data centers, self-storage, etc. 

Here’s a look at JLL Valuation & Advisory Services: 

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois 

  • Number of offices: 300+ offices total with 113 in the US (not necessarily valuation & advisory-specific offices) 

  • Number of employees: 2,500 value and risk experts

  • Coverage: 

    • US nationwide 

    • 35+ countries with value and advisory services across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific 

  • $3 trillion assets valued in 2022 

  • LinkedIn

  • 3.4 Google rating

Coldwell Banker Commercial

Coldwell Banker Commercial was established in 1906 and provides commercial real estate investment services. They offer property valuation services through comprehensive analyses of a property’s value. Other investment services include market research, investment analysis, property management, financing, due diligence, and disposition services. 

Here’s a look at Coldwell Banker Commercial: 

Valbridge Property Advisors

Valbridge Property Advisors was founded in 2013 and is the largest independent commercial property valuation and advisory firm in the US. They specialize solely in valuation and advisory services, not working as a brokerage or investment company, which allows them to conduct their work without bias and in-line with the client's best interest. 

Valbridge Property Advisors carries out single-property, portfolio, multi-market, and bulk-property assignments. They hold a multitude of designations including AI-GRS, CRE, ASA, CVA, CMEA, CCIM, MRICS, and SGA. 

They perform services on all commercial property types, including: 

  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Multi-family

  • Hotels & hospitality

  • Special purpose - for example: entertainment projects, amusement parks, company headquarters, sports facilities, golf courses, self-storage facilities, airports, water and wastewater treatment facilities, funeral homes, houses of worship, college campuses, testing facilities, distilleries, and movie theaters.  

Their specialty practices include fair value accounting / purchase price allocation, evaluations, multi-family, fractional interest valuation, property risk assessment, right-of-way, and lodging and gaming. 

Here’s a look at Valbridge Property Advisors: 

  • Headquarters: Naples, Florida

  • Number of offices: 80+ offices in the US

  • Number of employees: 

    • 675+ across the US

    • 200+ MAI-designated appraisers 

      • Designation from the Appraisal Institute 

      • All offices are led by an MAI-designated appraiser

  • Coverage: US nationwide

  • LinkedIn

Property appraisal costs in the US 

Property appraisal costs in the US can vary widely depending on the type of property being appraised, its location, complexity, and the appraisal requirements/type of appraisal conducted. Homeowners, on average, should expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $600 for a residential property appraisal. Larger or more intricate properties, or those in metropolitan areas may cost above $600 as they require more in-depth research and analysis. Commercial property appraisals tend to be higher priced due to the complexity of commercial properties. Fees for commercial property appraisals can range from several thousand dollars to even tens of thousands, depending on the size and complexity of the project. 

For both residential and commercial properties, the appraisal method used, the level of detail contained in the appraisal report, and the appraiser’s level of expertise will also affect the cost. Despite its cost, getting a property appraisal is worthwhile as it provides an objective assessment of the property’s value, not to mention that it’s almost always required as part of the loan process for property purchases. 

To sum up 

Property appraisal companies are integral players in the US’s real estate industry, providing accurate valuations for both residential and commercial properties. If you’re applying for a mortgage, the lender will typically order an appraisal through an AMC; however, it’s still valuable to be aware of the variation in appraisal companies. Overall, property appraisal companies contribute significantly to the transparency and efficiency of the US real estate market.

For those interested in further familiarizing themselves with the main players in the US real estate industry, read about the top mortgage brokerage companies, top real estate brokerage companies, and top wholesale mortgage lenders. You can also check out our comprehensive mortgage blog to get an in-depth overview of the mortgage process. Kredium, as a US and international mortgage broker, is here to assist with all of your mortgage needs and questions. Contact us or register on our website today. 

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